My 'YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter :: PHP Script' does the following for you:

 Converts both YouTube.com and Dailymotion.com videos (the 2 most popular video hosting sites in the world)

 Outputs converted files to mp3, mp4, flv, and/or 3gp formats

 Displays download AND conversion progress via corresponding progress bars

 Leverages the power of FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org/) to create crisp, clean, quality conversions of audio/video files.

 Includes a tool that creates ringtones of converted mp3 files

 Validates video URLs prior to conversion

 Facilitates the addition of more video hosting sites as well as converted file types (by editing the code)

 Expanded config file for a more customizable interface

 Secures access to the server so that FFMPEG commands can only be run if a unique token is present

 Includes script that can be run as a scheduled task on the server, that deletes old converted files and ringtones

 Programmed entirely in easy-to-read PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming), JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS to facilitate effortless editing/customization of code

This software requires the following server configuration:

 Linux, Windows, or XAMPP/WAMP server

 For commercial servers: Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting supported

 Apache or IIS

 PHP 5.3+

 cURL enabled

 ffmpeg.exe (executable file) for Windows & XAMPP/WAMP; ffmpeg-php (PHP extension) enabled for Linux

 That's it!


 Unpack/Unzip the distribution file and upload the contents to a new directory on your web server via FTP

 Ensure that the "logs", "output", "ringtones", and "videos" folders (in your new directory) have write permissions

o On Linux systems, this generally means marking the folders with chmod 0777

 Set the location of FFmpeg in config.class.php via the _FFMPEG constant

o On Windows systems, this is something like "/%YourDirectory%/ffmpeg.exe"

o On Linux, this will generally be something like "/user/bin/ffmpeg"

 Configure additional constants/variables in config.class.php as needed

 Set up schedule.php as a scheduled task (or cron job on Linux systems) if you require old, converted files to be deleted on a regular basis

o The age of files marked for deletion is configurable via _MAX_AGE_FILES constant in config.class.php

o It is recommended that the scheduled task run daily

 Navigate to index.php of your new directory, and start converting videos!


 100% Free support for life!

 Support for this script is provided via the following online forum thread: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=205066

 Notifications about Patches/Fixes to the code will be posted in that forum thread


 YouTube.com video conversion to MP4 format (http://rajwebconsulting.com/VideoConverterDemos/YouTube-video-to-MP4.html)

 Dailymotion.com video conversion to FLV format (http://rajwebconsulting.com/VideoConverterDemos/Dailymotion-video-to-FLV.html)

 YouTube.com video conversion to MP3 format and ringtone (http://rajwebconsulting.com/VideoConverterDemos/YouTube-video-to-MP3-and-ringtone.html)